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GM-200A Gaussmeter

GM-200A Gaussmeter

High Performance

Effortlessly measure the fields of permanent magnets and DC electro-magnets in the range of 0 to 10,000 Gauss, with 2% accuracy, and 1 Gauss resolution.

NIST traceable calibration.

The sensor is integrated with the case, allowing single handed operation. No cables or connectors make it easy.

The GM-200A operates from 2 standard AA batteries. A single set of batteries will last over a year.

Built to last, the GM-200A will give you years of trouble-free service.

Advanced Design

The GM-200A gives you the benefits of design excellence and experience learned at two first tier engineering companies: Hewlett Packard and Agilent Technologies.

The GM-200A provides you with a balanced blend of performance, effortless operation, and pricing.

With a 16 bit embedded processor at its heart, a very stable analog front-end coupled to a Hall effect sensor, and a 16 bit ADC, the GM-200A embodies simple elegant design and high performance in a single package.

Effortless Operation

Using the GM-200A is effortless. With one button operation, just point, click, and read. The reading is held on screen for 10 seconds and then the GM-200A powers down, automatically.

To survey magnetic fields, hold the button down and the GM-200A continuously shows the field strength. When the button is released, the peak value measured in the last 10 seconds is displayed.

No other gaussmeter makes measuring magnetic fields so easy and convenient.

A Truly Cost Effective Gaussmeter

The GM-200A gaussmeter has the optimum blend of pricing, portability, performance, and effortless operation.

It is handheld, costs under $350, and is available with NIST traceable calibration.

The GM-200A has the right price/performance to deploy multiple gaussmeters in your organization, rather than having to share a single high cost instrument.

Purchase your GM-200A, and get results quickly, easily, reliably, accurately, and confidently...at an un-beatable price.

GM200a specifications

GM200A operator's manual

PN 00-0840  
Weight 0.60 lbs
Price: $329.00
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